Sticker Love

Today was a great day.  One of those days when you’re firing on all cylinders.  The kitchen is clean.  Dinner is in the crock pot.  The house smells delicious.  The kids are endearingly non-feral.  Complete bliss.  I needed this day.

The boys asked to color. Finally!  I’ve been practically begging them to do something that doesn’t involve throwing, running or jumping off furniture for oh…about six months or so.  It was nice of them to finally take me up on it.  They sat at the kitchen table with crayons and stickers and happily created stuff for a solid forty minutes.  I’m pretty sure this won’t happen again for another year.  It was awesome.  As if that wasn’t enough, Max decided to throw in some extreme cuteness.  It went a little something like this:

Max: Hey Mama!  Did you ever have stickers ever since you were born?

Me: Well, yeah.  I used stickers a lot when I was a little girl.  I don’t really have stickers now though.

Max: Mama, I will buy you some stickers so you can have some.

Me: Aww!  Well thank you Max!  That’s really sweet.

Max: Umm…but Mama, it will be a couple of days before I get the stickers, ok?  Daddy and I will buy some for you but it will be in a couple days.

Me: Ok baby. That sounds good.

And then I melted into a little puddle of happy mommy love.

I realize this is about a million times more adorable to me than it is to anyone else.  But here’s the thing that was so epic about it; it was serious affirmation.  It was evidence that I’m not doing everything completely wrong and that maybe, just maybe, I’m doing something right.  My baby thought about someone else’s happiness.  He was willing to spend his hard-earned money (hey – he had to pee in the toilet a LOT of times to get that money!)  to bring a little of that happiness to me.  I felt really proud of his curiosity, his generosity and even his funny little way of managing my expectations.  He didn’t want me to be disappointed that I wasn’t going to get stickers instantly so he made sure I knew that it would take him a while to get them.  My boy is growing up, thinking of others, being kind and generous.  And yeah, some of that is natural to him, he’s a sweet kid.  But I also like to think that some of the lessons we’ve tried to teach him; thinking of others, being kind, being helpful etc. are finally being put into action.  For all the days when I feel like I’m not getting through to him (“Why did you just push your brother down AGAIN?!”) this little moment is incentive to keep on going.  It was a proud parenting moment.

And then he asked me if his dinosaur had a penis.

Man, I love this kid.

One thought on “Sticker Love

  1. I can just picture Max pulling his daddy aside to set up a time for the two of them to go to the sticker store. That’s one sweet kid you’ve got there!

    Was it a girl or boy dino?!

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