The Big Reveal!

Our third baby is due in June.  We were looking for a fun way to celebrate this new little person and really liked the idea of a gender reveal party.  With two boys in the family already there was a lot of speculation about whether or not baby #3 might be a girl.  Suspense, opinionated friends and family and cute baby stuff; it seemed like the perfect recipe for a fun party.  And it was. While it was incredibly difficult to keep the baby’s gender a secret once we found out, it was so much fun surprising our friends and family with the exciting news.

I had planned to take tons of great pictures of the party.  I even remembered to charge the battery for my camera!  So of course I completely forgot to take pictures until the party was nearly over.  Luckily a sweet friend snapped some photos on her phone for me and I did manage to snap a few of the decor a little later in the evening.

The party was a blast.  We feel so lucky to have people in our lives who are as excited about our baby as we are.

Our “Baby Betting” table.  Guests could buy into a baby pool and fill out ballots with all their predictions.

Once the baby is born, the guest who predicted most accurately will win the pot!


A little data to help guests make their predictions.


This was one of the most creative ballots, submitted by a friend’s daughter.

Not sure which part is most intimidating, 14 pounds or 1 yard long!  Eek! Too funny!


The Super Secret Cupcakes.


Junebug wine.  Because I couldn’t resist the idea of coordinating the wine with the baby’s due date.  That’s normal, right?


Pink icing inside the cupcakes = GIRL!!!!


First Official baby girl outfit!


Although, I may or may not have picked this up at Target as soon as humanly possible after our sonogram.  Pink!!


Homemade taco seasoning as party favors.  Because TACOS.



That bump is what nearly 22 weeks of baby + a LOT of artichoke dip looks like.


7 thoughts on “The Big Reveal!

  1. We are so excited for you guys and can’t wait to meet little baby girl Edwards! Hopefully she’s not 14 lbs + 1 yard! Loved the party and the decor and all the details were so fun and perfect! But we forgot our taco seasoning! Sniff sniff.

  2. Congratulations, welcome to a whole new realm of parenting :)….I have 3 boys and a girl….they are all adults now but it was an interesting time.

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