Hi! Welcome to my blog.

If we were getting acquainted in person, I would probably offer you a drink and then begin to ask way too many questions for polite conversation. Lucky for you we’re doing this via the internet so it’s not going to be awkward at all…but I’d still recommend pouring yourself a drink. Just in case.

I’m Rachelle Payton; wife to a seriously awesome man who shall remain nameless on this blog (hereafter referred to as The Hubs), mother to two gorgeous boys, Max (four years old) and Mason (three years old) and one brand new baby girl named Marleigh. I’m a SAHM and I’m totally ok with my chosen profession being whittled down to a cheesy acronym.

I love to cook and entertain people at my home. I love to read. I love to drink. I love to drink while I read, cook and/or entertain people at my home. I am a woman of widely varied interests. I also enjoy sleeping. And hugs.

I may do more than my fair share of griping and snarky commentary on this blog, but I want you to know that I’m truly a happy person and consider myself to be one of the luckiest bitches on the planet. As you’re reading, I hope you find little moments of humor and happiness mixed in amongst the silliness and snark.

peace, love and foffee to all,

-rachelle payton


One thought on “About

  1. Hey Rachel, I miss you, “The Hubs”, the kids, and I love your blogs!!! Ok like seriously I feel like a stalker (like Im really not though I was looking at one of your pins from pintrest and it brought me here..lol)!!! CALL ME OR EMAIL ME…WE HAVE TO CATCH UP!!!

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